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what was today @korryneee

what was today @korryneee



You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

I can’t believe I’m even more beautiful than I think I am this is incredible where’s my modeling contract

Shia Labeouf for interview magazine november 2014


Photography CRAIG MCDEAN

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The basis of most arguments against trans people is that we are not who we say we are, that we are always and only the gender that we were assigned at birth. And so much of that is about having a sense of certainty around gender, that when you were born with a certain set of genitalia, then that must dictate your entire life, and the reality is that that’s not trueA lot of people are not comfortable with that, because then that means they have to begin to question who they are.- Laverne Cox

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So my mom got a new tattoo today

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How to get out of saying the “L” word by Victory Brinker


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once my gold teeth come in yall cant tell me shit about shit

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everyone should have this attitude 

Vine By: Zachary Piona

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So in love with ALL of this from Girl Code’s race episode

Want to work on your own racial biases? Check out our racial bias cleanse.


I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the child in Virgin and Child Enthroned by Master Of Bigallo and Quentin Tarantino

Shuriken - Naruto